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We emphasize on the maximum utilization of our manufacturing machines as well as latest technologies. We are endowed with a separate quality laboratory. Here, all the formulations are tested for reliability and other quality parameters. We also possess a capacious warehouse that allows us to stock large volume of products under safe and hygienic conditions. We use the best quality packaging materials such as corrugated boxes, air tight pouches, cartons, etc. to pack our gamut.

Business specifics:

Why Us?

Quality Assurance

Utmost importance is given to the quality of product we produce and deliver. We make sure that the offered Plant Growth Regulator, Amino Acid Mineral Chelates, Water Soluble Amino Acid Chelates, Protein Hydrolysate, Organic Cosmetic Ingredients, Natural Makeup Ingredients, 100% Organic Cosmetic Ingredients, etc. are of quality that is worthy of praise of customers. We make sure that finest grade materials/ingredients are procured from the vendors for producing our range. We employ cutting edge technologies time to time so that we are able to bring forth accurate and the most qualitative formulations. Our qualified and experienced quality inspectors check the chemicals & allied products on different quality parameters like:

Products Offered

We are primarily involved in delivering best array of agro chemicals and allied products. The portfolio we maintain includes the following:

1 Protein Hydrolysate 75-80 % Powder (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
2 Protein Hydrolysate 55-60 % Powder (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
3 Protein Hydrolysate 50 % Liquid (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
4 Protein Hydrolysate 30 % Liquid (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
5 Protein Hydrolysate 80 % Paste (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
6 Soya Protein Isolate
7 Soya Protein Concentrate
8 Calcium Caseinate (Protein 80%)
9 Sodium Caseinate (Protein 80%)
10 Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein
1 Coconut Milk Protein Powder
2 Almond Protein Paste (NLT 35 %)
3 Amla Protein Paste (NLT55 %) (pure Amla)
4 Herbal Protein Paste
5 Protein Hydrolysate Paste (Casein Base)
6 Protein Hydrolysate Paste (Soya Base)

Protein Hydrolysate Paste (Gelatin Base)

Toll manufacturing facilities are available for

1 Protein Hydrolysate 75-80 % Powder (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
2 Protein Hydrolysate 55-60 % Powder (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
3 Protein Hydrolysate 30 % Liquid (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
4 Protein Hydrolysate 50 % Liquid (Casein Base/ Soya Base)
Amino Acid Mineral Chelates
5 Ferrous Proteinate (10%)
6 Zinc Proteinate (10%)
7 Magnesium Proteinate (6%)
8 Manganese Proteinate (10%)
9 Copper Proteinate (10%)
10 Boron Proteinate (10%)
11 Mix Mineral Proteinate
1 Akoprot-H (Soluble Amino Acid Mixture Powder) Protein 75-80%
2 Akoprot-M (Soluble Amino Acid Mixture Powder) Protein 55-60%
3 Akoprot-L-50 (Soluble Amino Acid Mixture Liquid) (NLT 38%)
4 Akoprot-L-30 (Soluble Amino Acid Mixture Liquid) (NLT 22.5%)
Water Soluble Amino Acid Chelates
5 Akoprot-C (Mix Mineral Protein Complex Powder)
6 Akoprot-C (Ferrous- Protein Complex Powder) (12%)
7 Akoprot-C (Zinc- Protein Complex Powder) (12%)
8 Akoprot-C (Magnesium- Protein Complex Powder) (6%)
9 Akoprot-C (Copper -Protein Complex Powder) (12%)
10 Akoprot-C (Manganese -Protein Complex Powder) (12%)
11 Akoprot-C (Boron Protein Complex Powder) (12%)
Readymade Agricultural Formulations
3 AKO 08
5 AMINOS (Home and Garden) Coming Soon..

Sound Infrastructure

We are supported with well integrated infrastructure sprawling across a large area. It incorporates modern R & D, processing, quality testing, packaging and warehousing facilities. All the formulations are carefully developed in our research and development facility. The unit is headed by a team of vastly experienced research analysts. Further, our manufacturing plant is installed with the latest technology machinery and equipments. We upgrade our processing facilities time to time in sync with the technological advancements. Our dexterous professionals strive to develop qualitative and reliable Agrochemicals, Plant Growth Regulator, Amino Acid Mineral Chelates and more in the minimum lead time.