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Amino Acid Complex

Amino Acid Complex
Amino Acid Complex
Product Code : AACP 26
Product Description

Amino Acid Complex

Offered Amino Acid Complex is known as an extremely effective, curative and protective acid. It contains all essential amino acids as well as micronutrients, which are precursors of growth materials and Phytohormones and thus assist in accelerating the metabolic as well as physiological activity of plants for their respirational functions. We offer this Amino Acid Complex in different packaging options as per the needs. Provided with high effectiveness, accurate composition, precise pH values, it can be stored in a cool and dry place. It delivers organic nitrogen along with micronutrient in chelated form.

The plant absorbs the Hydrolyzed Protein along with metal ions rapidly & effortlessly. Digested protein is rendered with a chelating effect on micronutrients. When useful together with micronutrients, the transportation as well as absorption of micronutrients has an effect that displays a chelating action as well as the effect of cell membrane permeability.

The application of Protein - Metal Chelates before, during and after the stress settings gives the plants Amino Acids as well as Micronutrients which are directly connected to strain physiology and accordingly has an averting and recovering effect.

  • The Hydrolysed Protein - Metal Chelates help to boost up energy absorption in the plant.
  • Works as a readymade source of nutrition.
  • Assists in pollination as well as fruit formation.
  • Increases the chlorophyll content & improves the photosynthesis activity.
  • Proffered with high percentage of biological value as well as nutritive value.
  • No inorganic nitrogen is present.
  • Excess amount is non-toxic as it is an organic source.

Metal Chelates of Amino Acids are extremely useful in Veterinary, Aquaculture and Poultry. It suffices as a feed attractant in aquaculture and precludes the depletion of feed.

Essential Minerals in the animal feed are demolished during the digestion procedure due to its contact with other mechanisms of the feed. Thus, it renders the mineral that is unobtainable to the body of animal.

The absorption rate of Chelates of Amino Acids is found to be several times faster than normal salts of Minerals. These Chelates are also capable to meet the amino acid necessities of diet.

Technical Specifications:

Grade: Agricultural


Standard Limits


Hydrolysed protein Liquid derived from good quality of Soya protein by Enzymatic Hydrolysis.


Brown to Dark Brown Colour


Characteristics Odour of Protein

pH of 2% Solution in D.W.

4.50 to 6.50


Soluble in water


2% solution in Distilled water is Clear

Specific Gravity

1.12 to 1.14

Total Nitrogen

NLT 3.60% w/w.

Total Protein ( N X 6.25)

NLT 22.50% w/w.

  • Storage Conditions: Store in cool and dry place. Keep container air tight once opened.
  • Shelf Life: 12 month from Date of Production
  • Packing: 50 & 200 Kgs Net in HDPE drum.
  • Organic - Metal Chelates (Amino Acid Chelates)

Difference between Mineral - Amino acids -Complex and EDTA-mineral complex

AKOPROT C consists of all essential & non essential amino acids (Organic Nitrogen) with mineral. It supplies organic nitrogen as well as mineral to the plant. Hence 100% utilization.

Organic nitrogen (Amino Acids) is absent. Hence only mineral ion is available to plant. EDTA has no role in plant metabolism.

Amino acids present in AKOPROT C form a complex with mineral ion which absorbed quickly & easily by plants. is a readymade & easily assimiable organic source of nutrition.

It is a chemical complex.

AKOPROT C contains all essential amino acids & minerals, which are precursors of phytohormones & other growth substances & accelerate the Metabolic, & Physiological activity of plant.

Absent in EDTA Complex.

AKOPROT C before, during and after the stress conditions supplies the plants with Amino Acids & Minerals which are directly related to stress physiology and thus has a preventing and recovering effect.

Absent in EDTA Complex.

AKOPROT C (Amino Acids) has a chelating effect on minerals. When applied together with minerals, the absorption and transportation of minerals inside the plant is easier. This effect is due to the chelating action and to the effect of cell membrane permeability. L - Glycine & L - Glutamic Acid are known to be very effective chelating agents.

EDTA Only acts as chelating agent.

Amino Acids are precursors or activators of Phytohormones and growth substances. L - Methionine is precursor of ethylene and of growth factors such as Espermine and Espermidine, which are synsthesized from 5 - Adenosyl Methionine.

Absent in EDTA Complex.

AKOPROT C contains Tryptophan is precursor for Auxin synthesis. L - Tryptophan is used in plants in L - Form only. L - Tryptophan is available only if hydrolysis of Protein is carried out by enzyme. If hydrolysis is carried out by acid or alkali, as done in many European countries, L - Tryptophan is destroyed.

Absent in EDTA Complex.

AKOPROT C contains Histidine helps in proper ripening of fruits.

Absent in EDTA Complex.

High percentage of biological value & nutritive value.

It is a chemical complex.

AKOPROT C is organic, non toxic & an ecofriendly product fulfills the nutritional demand of the plants.

EDTA complex provides only mineral to plant.

Water Solution Amino Acid

  • Akoprot-C ( Mix Mineral - Protein Complex Powder )
  • Akoprot-C(Ferrous- Protein Complex Powder)(12%)
  • Akoprot-C(Zinc- Protein Complex Powder) (12%)
  • Akoprot-C(Magnesium- Protein Complex Powder) (6%)
  • Akoprot-C(Copper -Protein Complex Powder) (12%)
  • Akoprot-C (Manganese -Protein Complex Powder) (12%)
  • Akoprot-C (Boron - Protein Complex Powder) (12%)

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